Hello, my name is Peter Thompson.  I am a band director and the creator of Amplified Warmups. During my sixteen years with the Ames, Iowa band program, I have taught thirteen years as lead instructor of the 6th grade band, three of those years also assisting at Ames High, and I’m currently the lead instructor for 8th grade.

I’ve been using the Amplified Warmups system at each stage. It gives me confidence that my students are getting in quality work at the start of every rehearsal. And I love that it allows me to be attentive to my students without any added stress.

My wife Holly and I met in band, and our four children love music, too. My other favorite things include running, sunrises, coffee, and breakfast (morning people FTW!). 

If you would like to connect, drop a message in the form below, follow on instagram @mr.peter.thompson or on the Amplified Warmups YouTube channel

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