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Can I really just put the band on auto-pilot?

Once you have established your warmup expectations, the band can independently play through these warmups. Each part includes extra instructions, tips, and fingering guides to set up students for success.

You do need to always monitor that the band is only playing good sounds. If they start playing bad sounds, pause the track and remind them to play only their best sounds.

Does this require a big sound system?

Not at all. A set of desktop or bookshelf speakers should do just fine. Because of the way the warmups are constructed, the audio tracks do not need to be played loud. Just be sure that your snare drummers play on practice pads, as one drummer can potentially pull the band off tempo.

If you are not sure if your speakers will work for these warmups, try out the free sample warmup (see below).

Will students develop bad habits if I’m not there instructing them?

These warmups have been built around exercises that will “first do no harm.” Even if they aren’t played exactly right, they are the type of exercises that will still benefit your musicians.

I have a band that combines two grade levels. Which warmups should I use?

Use the warmup designed for the younger of the two grades. For example, if you direct a band that combines students in years three and four in your program, use the Level 3 warmups. There will still be plenty of benefit to the older students in using a level that’s a bit easier.

What are the steps to implementing these warmups?

Simply purchase, download the files, print parts, pull up the audio track, and press play.

For the first few times, the goal is to train students to simply keep going all the way through. Tell them it’s OK if they can’t play everything right away. Once the routine is established, you can cut in and give instruction as you choose.

Can I buy using a school or organization purchase order?

You can do so by purchasing Amplified Warmups at

Try out a free sample

To try out a sample warmup, fill out the form below. The sample includes an audio track and full set of printable PDF’s. It’s shorter than the full warmups and not targeted to a specific grade level, but it includes a 60-second rehearsal start countdown and four lines of warmup exercises.

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