A site license to print and use Amplified Warmups is included with purchase.  The user willingly enters into this agreement at purchase. 

Use of any Amplified Warmups product shall be limited to one location (“site”).  The site is limited to one building, not multiple buildings in an organization.  For example, “site” refers to one school building, not the school district. 

As an exception to the one building limit, the license may travel with one particular instructor within one school district or organization.  For example, Ms. Jones teaches at Junior High A and Junior High B, which are both in the same school district.  In this case, the license may extend to both schools. 

When purchased together, the license for different warmup levels may be assigned to different buildings. If a school district purchases Levels 1 through 4, they may assign, for example, Level 1 to one elementary, Levels 2 and 3 to one junior high, and Level 4 to one high school. 

The site license grants permission for unlimited printing of parts and scores as needed for students and instructor(s). 

The distribution of any Amplified Warmups materials beyond the site to which the license is granted is prohibited. 

The distribution of audio recordings containing Amplified Warmups music or audio tracks is prohibited. 

The creation of new materials derived from Amplified Warmups music or audio tracks is prohibited. 

Any violation of the Amplified Warmup registered copyright is prohibited and will be prosecuted under the law. 

This agreement is subject to change at any time.